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Our meals are prepared freshly in the preschool’s kitchen.  We offer varied, balanced menu that meets all the nutritional needs of children.


The portions are not limited and children are encouraged to eat. Our kitchen staff prepare most of the products by themselves such as: millet pudding, yoghurt with seasons fruit, cream cheese and juice. Every Friday we serve delicious homemade cakes and cookies. In our preschool we do not serve sweets or chocolate cereals. All the products we use come from trusted suppliers with whom we have been working for many years.


Our menu is based on meals rich in groats, fresh vegetables and salads. What is more, we respect specific diet for health and cultural reasons.


For children with food allergies our preschool may offer elimination diet, excluding the allergic products from child’s meals.  In case of severe allergies to many products, which make it impossible to nourish a child according to the menu, parents are obliged to deliver some of the products to the preschool’s kitchen.


Parents, whose children have special dietary needs due to food allergies are asked to bring a medical certificate confirming the dietary requirements. The certificates must be delivered before September 1st . What is more, those parents are asked to make a list of forbidden products and bring it to the kitchen staff  and to the child’s teacher.

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