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Our offer is designed for children aged 2,5 - 6 years.


Monthly tuition includes

  • Childcare from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

  • Daily educational classes in Polish and English.

  • Afternoon Spanish classes.

  • Full alimentation  - 5 meals (we include elimination and cultural diets).

  • Trips- by bus or public transport, walks.

  • Visits to cinemas and theatres.

  • Visits by interesting quests.

  • Musical concerts and science workshops.

  • Professional help in diagnosing any problems resulting from child development (sensory – motor integration, persistant primary reflexes, dyslexia) is in cooperation with kindergarten’s therapist, as well as psychological – pedagogical clinic on Narbutta Street.

  • Psychological care - consultations and implementation of prevention programs, such as: Art of Relationships, I You We - workshops and meetings about values.

  • Professional preparation for primary school education. Two-step school readiness assessment, remediation programs and programs for individual work with gifted students.

  • Trips and workshops organized by Warsaw Bilingual School. Meeting with the students of Warsaw Bilingual School as a part of a "The Friendly School" programme.

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