Offer / Tuition and Fees

Our offer is designed for children aged 2,5 - 6 years.


Registration fee:

for groups of 2,5-5-year-olds      1 200 PLN

for ZERO CLASS:                         1 500 PLN

for "0" grade:                                 600 PLN

These students are exempt from registration fee at Warsaw Bilingual School.


Charges (from September to June):

monthly tuition (2,5 - 5- year-olds):   2 000 PLN

monthly tuition ("0" grade):                2 000 PLN

monthly tuition (ZERO CLASS):           2 100 PLN

discount for siblings:                               150 PLN   for the second child


Holiday charges:

in July:          1 500 PLN  fixed fee +  15 PLN for each day a child is in the preschool

in August:     1 500 PLN  fixed fee +  15 PLN for each day a child is in the preschool


Children from "0" grade can attend preschool from September to the end of August. They do not pay the fixed fee during summer holidays. In this case, the additional fee is 80 PLN for each day a child is in the preschool.


Monthly tuition includes
  • Childcare from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

  • Daily educational classes in Polish and English.

  • Afternoon Spanish classes.

  • Full alimentation  - 5 meals (we include elimination and cultural diets).

  • Trips- by bus or public transport, walks.

  • Visits to cinemas and theatres.

  • Visits by interesting quests.

  • Musical concerts and science workshops.

  • Professional help in diagnosing any problems resulting from child development (sensory – motor integration, persistant primary reflexes, dyslexia) is in cooperation with kindergarten’s therapist, as well as psychological – pedagogical clinic on Narbutta Street.

  • Psychological care - consultations and implementation of prevention programs, such as: Art of Relationships, I You We - workshops and meetings about values.

  • Professional preparation for primary school education. Two-step school readiness assessment, remediation programs and programs for individual work with gifted students.

  • Trips and workshops organized by Warsaw Bilingual School. Meeting with the students of Warsaw Bilingual School as a part of a "The Friendly School" programme.