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Archival projects

Anti-Aggression Programme

Aggresion preventive classes were conducted by our psychologist in groups of 5-year-olds.


I eat and live healthy

The aim of the project was to help children develop healthy lifestyle habits. The classes were conducted as a part of Polish and English education. As a part of the project, our Preschool was visited by a dentist and nutritionist.


Financial education

Our original program that aimed at developing the understanding of economic and financial processes. Kids learned how to use money and make family budget. The classes focused on money circulation, being a conscious consumer and taking responsibility for the worlds around us. The programme was a part of Polish and English classes.



When the expression and creativity meet the fantasy of little children

Our first partnership programme. The idea behind the programme was to support all aspects of child’s development. Our children developed their social skills by taking part in activities stimulating creativity and imagination. They learned about the history and culture of partner countries, they learned about tolerance and discovered their European identity.


Mum, dad I prefer water!

Educational program initiated by Żywiec Zdrój S.A. The aim was to promote water drinking among children and support parents in developing healthy habits in kids.


Healthy Preschooler’s academy

The aim of that project was to teach the parents, children and preschool staff how to eat healthy and take care of children’s safety at home and outside, how to prevent diseases and minimize their effects. Everybody learned how to boost their immune system for cold and  flu season.


12. Science Picnic

On the 14th of June 2008 our preschool took part in Scientific Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre. We prepared many interesting activities for the youngest participants of the Picnic, such as creating language codes- hieroglyphs,  Morse code, making up constellations, physical and chemical experiments.

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