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About us

Our preschool came from the dream about the highest quality of education and care. Its mission is  to prepare children for school education in both languages, Polish and English. We want our students to be open towards the world, different languages and cultures.


We wish, not only, to educate, but also to nurture young children, teach them cooperation with other members of the group and foster their balanced development.


Bilingual Preschool "Tęczowy Ogród" has been opened since 2001 in the Mokotów district. We are one of the first private bilingual preschools in Warsaw.


In our approach towards teaching languages , we create a new quality of bilingual education at preschool and school level. We search for new solutions and methods of work. We do everything we can to make sure that our bilingual education prepares children for communication in both languages.


"Tęczowy Ogród" always implements the best European methods of bilingual education in its programmes. We participate in numerous meetings and projects on  bilingualism in Poland and Europe.


Warsaw Bilingual Preschool and Warsaw Bilingual School were highly rated by our partners from the European programme Comenius for the knowledge and speaking skills of our pupils. Our Participation in European Programme "Lifelong Leaning" was described by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System  as an example of good practice.


Our bilingual education programme has been awarded the European Language Label three times, for innovative ideas in teaching languages:

  • In 2004 - for bilingual teaching programme for preschool children,

  • 2009 - for Young Scientist Project,

  • 2014 - for our all actions in the field of language education and the project "Multilingual Financial Education for the youngest"


European Language Label is awarded by the Minister of Education and  by the European Union Commissioner for Education and Culture. We are the only educational institution that has been awarded three times. It’s a symbol of our innovation in teaching language - CERTIFICATES.


Our main goal is to take responsibility over all aspects of children’s life. We are focused not only on shaping their knowledge and skills, that will help them achieve success in the primary school, but also, on supporting the family, by promoting healthy lifestyle habits, healthy eating and the importance of outdoor play. By organizing projects which support local charity organizations we teach empathy and compassion - PHILANTHROPY.


Our graduate is a creative, open-minded and curious friend and student, who can notice other people and their needs and is not afraid to help them. He or She has the knowledge and skills, thanks to with the beginning of primary school is a happy and joyful experience - Graduate Profiles

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