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Bilingual programme

In our preschool children have contact with English not only during English classes.  We offer a number of classes where different subjects are taught in English. 


Bilingual education consists of: language education, math education, science education, arts, social education, health education and multicultural education.


Bilingual programme in Polish and English has been implemented and realized for 14 years.


In school year 2017/2018 our English language education is based on the curriculum for teaching English by Mariola Bogucka i Dorota Łoś. The curriculum is accordant to the National Curriculum (14th of February 2017). It shows the way of organizing English classes, choosing methods and selecting the content for children at the preschool level.


The curriculum is enriched with additional programs supporting bilingual education, bilingual methods of work and bilingual projects.


Every year we evaluate our bilingual programme to enrich it with new ideas about which we have learned during daily work, bilingual workshops and meetings with the teachers from other bilingual schools. Every day we look for new perspectives of work in bilingual education. The aim our all these actions is to prepare our children to be able to communicate fluently in English


Weekly schedule


  • Rainbow Music Box - music and movement classes in English - 1 x 30 minutes

  • Music in English - Music classes in English uses active forms of music therapy (singing, playing drums and other instruments, dance and improvisation) and passive forms of music therapy(listening to music, relaxation and visualization) - 1 x 30 minutes

  • Drama

    •   3 year-olds 1 x 30 minutes

    •   4,5,6 year-olds 1 x 60 minutes

  • Sherborne Developmental movement - conducted in English in groups of 2,5 and 3-year-olds - 1 x 30 minutes

  • Gymnastics - Gymnastics with elements of corrective gymnastics  in English, for children over the of age of 41 x 30 minutes

  • Arts - arts and crafts classes conducted interchangeably with cooking classe 1 x 40 minutes

  • Cooking - healthy cooking in English  conducted interchangeably with arts and crafts - 1 x 40 minutes

  • Young Scientist - learning through experiments for children over the of age of 4 - 1 x 40 minutes

  • Games - language games with Native Speaker

    • 2,5,3-year-olds1 x 30 minutes

    • 4,5,6-year-olds1 x 60 minutes



We create a new quality in our approach towards bilingualism at preschool and school level. We search for new solutions and  methods of work with a child. We do everything we can to make sure that bilingual education offered by us prepares children to communicate in both languages.


For those reasons, we included into our curriculum, the British programme Letterland. Letterland makes use of kids’ natural curiosity towards stories and fairy tales in order to:

  • Leach Englsih vocabulary

  • Develop phonemic awareness

  • Exercise vocal organs

  • Develop fine and gross motor skills and prepare children for writing


The programme is on the list of 10 programmes recommended by the British Department of Education for teaching phonics.

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