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Bilingual education

In order to make sure, that our actions prepare children to use English fluently, our bilingual education programme includes several areas:

  • Language education,

  • Math education,

  • Science education,

  • Art education,

  • Social education,

  • Health education,

  • Multicultural education.

Language education

This year we are going to focus on the LETTERLAND programme. LETTERLAND is dedicated to 3-6-year-olds. Apart from teaching English vocabulary it develops phonemic awareness and prepares children to write. It includes many songs, tasks and multimedia activities which support the process of learning. The teaching is multisensory and includes games and elements of TPR (Total Physical Response) method.


Language education takes place during working on our projects, such as "Smart children do not eat junk food", "Health education" and "Family reading room", which aims at promoting reading. Our bilingual education is supported by the annual Bilingual Recitation Contest, in which children present poems in English and Polish.


Math education

It is based on "Children’s Mathematics" by prof. Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska. Teaching mathematical concepts in two languages at the same time helps children to develop logical thinking and gives them the opportunity to get to know specific academic language.  Every year we organize bilingual math competition in which children present their mathematical knowledge in Polish and English.


Science education and social education

Its goal is to teach children pro-environmental attitude and respect towards nature. The main project is a special  trip, that we organize for 5 and 6-year-olds Zielone Przedszkole.


Social education, among others, includes educational programs and aggression prevention programme designed and conducted by the psychologist.


Art Education and health education

Our bilingual programme is based on games with music and movement. That way of teaching is the most effective for children at the preschool level. Music and physical education classes are organized only in English.


Art Education includes:

  • Arts and Cooking

  • Drama

  • Rainbow Music Box – music and movement classes,

  • Gimnastic Gymnastics with elements of corrective gymnastics,

  • Music in English - Music classes with instruments and music therapy.


The most important part of health education is "Eat and live Healthy" programme, which teaches children healthy lifestyle choices.

Multicultural education

As a part of multicultural education children learn about culture and traditions of Anglo-Saxon countries. One of the most popular projects are Healthy cooking classes, during which children prepare simple meals characteristic for different countries.

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