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Methods of work

In the Preschool our bilingual programme is based on three basic methods:


  • Immersji - according to this method, children are immersed in a language. The foreign language is a mean of communicating information and not the learning outcome in itself.  In our preschool, the foreign language is not taught as a subject, but is acquired in a natural way.


  • Discovery Learning - What is characteristic for this method, is the role of a teacher who acts as an assistant and encourages children to learn on their own. Children learn and discover the language through problem solving activities and the teacher is only facilitating that process without interrupting it.


  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) - teaching through the content. This method does not focus on the language itself but on the message and information that it conveys. In this way, children in our preschool learn maths, science, basics of physics and chemistry (during Young Scientist classes) in English. Children learn the language that they can use,  not only in their future education, but also right now at the preschool level. One of the greatest advantages of CLIL is that it helps our children develop positive attitude towards the subjects taught in English.

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