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Classes developing multiple intelligences

  • English classes - During classes we focus mainly on teaching two skills: listening and speaking. Classes include working on  arts and crafts projects and activities developing early reading and writing skills. During our lessons we aim at stimulating and using all senses in order to acquire language. 


  • Letterland - It is an approach to teaching writing and reading, which helps to develop phonemic awareness and teaches the knowledge of letter shapes. It includes many songs, tasks and multimedia activities which support the process of learning. The teaching is multisensory and includes games and elements of TPR (Total Physical Response) method. 


  • Games - Taking part in language games gives the opportunity to communicate in a foreign language. It includes practicing simple dialogues, for example about the weather, mood, favourite food, giving and responding to instructions. Rules of the games are explained only in English and children are encouraged to ask questions in English.


  • Math - It is based on ‘Children’s Mathematics’ by prof. Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska. Teaching mathematical concepts in two languages at the same time helps children to develop logical thinking and gives them the opportunity to get to know specific academic language.


  • Young Scientist - In Young Scientist classes children learn English while doing simple experiments. Their aim is also, to help children to develop cognitively, intellectually and emotionally. The program develops child’s independence, creativity, practical thinking, observation skills, increases concentration and teaches about science, geography and biology. It also helps to improve team working skills.


  • Gymnastics - Gymnastics with elements of corrective gymnastics in English aims at: prevention of bad posture, development of proper posture, supporting natural physical development and giving the opportunity for a wonderful, healthy play.


  • Drama - Drama in English includes taking part in simple role-play activities, practicing dialogues, playing the role of another person or an animal. Speaking skills are developed by choral and individual repetition after a teacher or a recording, creating simple sentences, role-play, singing songs or acting out a story.


  • Weronika Sherborne - The main aim of this method is to satisfy child’s need of movement, relaxation, expression and creation. Basic objectives within Sherborne Developmental Movement include the overall development of body awareness, space awareness and awareness of other people, including interacting and developing relationships with others. Taking into consideration its benefits, we use Sherborn Developmental Movement in 2,5 and 3 years old groups, as a team building and group integration method.


  • Arts/Cooking - art and culinary classes in English.

    • Arts and crafts in English. These classes create opportunity for learning about the new forms of self-expression and promote the development of artistic skills. They motivate to face challenges and develop child’s sensitivity and independence. They also give children a chance to work and cooperate with others. During our projects we use various art techniques that are adjusted to child’s age and abilities.

    • Cooking classes in English. During cooking classes kids develop practical cooking skills and learn about rules of healthy eating. Moreover, children learn how to cooperate with others. Preparing simple meals brings children a lot of enjoyment.


  • Music In English - Music classes in English uses active forms of music therapy (singing, playing drums and other instruments, dance and improvisation) and passive forms of music therapy(listening to music, relaxation and visualization).


  • Rainbow Music Box - Above all, music and movement classes in English promotes learning through play with others. Thanks to  that, children associate them with enjoyment and fun. These classes include specially designed activities that help children to develop physically, become aware of changes in the music, familiarize themselves with specific vocabulary and enable them to relax while listening to music.

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