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Extra activities

Apart from regular classes we offer a wide range of extra activities (paid separately every month).


Extra classes are organized after 3:00 p.m. and are addressed to 4,5 and 6-year-olds. Registration for extra activities is open during 2 first weeks of September. All the classes begin in the middle of September.


The rules of participation and charges are regulated be a separate agreement with Tęczowy Ogród.


In the 2017/2018 school year we offer the following extra classes:


  • Pottery workshops - children are familiarized with clay, which is a natural material that can be shaped with a use of different techniques. All pieces of work are baked in the special oven and presented on Preschool’s exhibitions.


  • Arts and crafts - arts classes using various form of artistic expression. The aim of these classes is to develop fine motor skills, spatial imagination, concentration and persistence.


  • Drama - by taking part in role-plays shy children forget about being shy and energetic children can calm down and control their emotions better. Thanks to being an actor kids can reflect on their own actions and  learn how to plan them in order to achieve their goals.


  • Ballet classes - the aim of these classes it to develop dance skills and make children interested in dance and  movement. Moreover, taking part in ballet classes can develop musicality and motor skills. Learning ballet can help children improve their body posture.


  • Show dance - modern dance classes develop artistic skills of our preschoolers. They help children overcome their weaknesses and limitations. Most importantly, they improve body posture, sense of the rhythm and the harmony of movements. Once a year, during family picnic we organize dance show during which parents can admire their children’s achievements.


  • Football - the aim of these classes is to master basic football skills, learn about technical and tactical elements of football, as well as to teach children about fair play.


  • Ju-jitsu - is a Japanese martial art, which is adjusted to children’s individual needs. It improves motor coordination, develops strength and endurance, as well as, increases flexibility. It also teaches about cooperation and introduces the rules of healthy competition. What is more, it improves self-confidence and teaches about discipline.


  • Chess from the pedagogical point of view, chess classes have a lot of educational elements. They develop those personality features, which are necessary to win and achieve success, not only in sports but also in life. Chess classes teach children self-control, persistence, precaution, courage and the sense of responsibility for their own actions. What is more, chess increases brain power and develops memory.


  • Artistic gymnastics - a unique combination of classical dance, gymnastics and special equipment like jumping rope, hoop, ball, clubs or ribbons. It is a very good sport for children teaches, it develops dance skills and helps to improve posture.


  • Spanish classes - weekly Spanish lessons combine learning with fun. Kids are introduced to the world of Spanish culture through the melody of the language. Songs, chants, rhymes and games with movement help children learn Spanish in a natural, stress-free way.

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