Adaptation Meetings in Preschool

In order to help the youngest children, who are about to start  preschool education and their parents  we created a long-term adaptation program. During adaptive lessons a child gets to know the building of the kindergarten, his / her teacher and classmates. Playing with peers, under parental supervision helps children to adapt to a new place and reduce tension connected with the future separation with a parent.


Adaptation meetings take place in the preschool at 14 Miłobędzka Street.

Open day at kindergarten for children and parents - March 21, 2020


First adaptation meetings – on June 15-19, from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Summer adaptation meetings on August 24-28, from 9.00 am to 12.00 am


​Program includes:

  • icebreaker games,

  • musical activities,

  • arts and crafts,

  • games with Klanza sheet,

  • experiments


Preschooler's kit:

  • a pair of shoes,

  • favourite snack,

  • apron for arts and crafts classes



  • After signing the contract for the school year 2020/21: free of charge 

  • 1 meeting (without signing the contract with our preschool): 50,00 PLN



To sign up for the adaptation meeting, please contact: Marta Kmieciak


tel. 664 744 347

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